Car Talk turns 30

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    To mark the occasion, the show is doing theme shows this month with Ray introducing each half of the show. He once mentioned 30 years of experience screening callers, but of course they haven’t done that for five years. Tom mentioned they had been doing the show 15 years at one point.

    This week they had some of the most outrageous calls. One was from space, from an astronaut who had once been their customer. One was from a woman who ran a toll booth and they found the manager who could tell her how to pay the money. One was from a woman who wanted hair care advice which was given by Ray (and how valuable would his advice be, since he didn’t have much left?). One was from a man whose dog threw up in the car. One was from a woman whose husband had a vasectomy reversed. The guys explained that she didn’t have to give that much detail. She could have just described driving too fast for a long period of time.


    Despite what we were told during the fundraiser, the “best of” shows will continue after the end of this month.


    According to the Car Talk Community (which is like the radioinsight community) radio stations are not airing the show. So we have to go online for the “new” episodes.

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