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    John Basalla

    As of this posting, Friday morning 10/07/2016, there is an article available on the website written by Todd Starnes entitled “Christian Radio Banned on School Bus”.   It’s an interesting article about how a school district told a bus driver that he cannot play radio station KLRC while transporting students on the bus because they play Christian music.  A complaint was filed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and the school district caved.



    As it should be. The theologically neutral, taxpayer-funded, state-run public school system is not the place for children to be indoctrinated in one particular religious mythology. That's what the church and private schools are for. School district-provided transportation is considered in most if not all states a component of the district, overseen by the superintendent of public education (SPI) and subject to the same rules of church-and-state separation as within the school building. If a kid were to bring his own private religious media, e.g. a pocket CD player with earphones, that would be one thing. To hold essentially a captive audience to it on the taxpayer's dime is entirely inappropriate.

    This particular bus driver made the wrong decision and was called out on it. That's how it is.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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