Classical 89.7 WKCP Miami, 90.7 WPBI West Palm Beach up for sale

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    To add a little bit more…

    […] the application will be filed with the FCC on Tuesday, with a flip to religious programming taking place as soon as Wednesday.


    It was nice while it lasted; WKCP was a part of my mornings and late evenings since day 1, but fortunately I can stream MPR’s classical service on TuneIn along with a Swiss classical station and a even a rock station out of Prague that’s pretty good. I feel bad that South Florida has lost classical for the second time (third time if you count the short-lived Classical 1360) but when South Florida can’t deliver someone else in the world can.


    For some eclectic selections, try New Zealand’s RNZ Concert, WQXR’s Q2, and KING’s Second Inversion.

    Ai4i is always on the trailing edge of technology


    The deal has apparently just been filed…

    The controversial, all-cash $21.7 million deal has been officially filed with the FCC and a LMA is expected to start early next week.


    It hasn’t helped that nobody wanted to confirm the deal until the very end…

    Neither APMG nor EMF would discuss details or confirm the sale to WLRN.



    Someone who is more knowledgeable than I am on these matters, please explain how an org that has been doing this exact radio programming for so many years, has the staff and the talent, the music collection and rights to air it, and only has an office in downtown Fort Lauderdale feeding three transmitters plus a couple baby translators to feed, can lose two million dollars per year. All of the programming was imported from St. Paul, MN.

    American Public Media Group Sets New Direction for Classical Music Service in South Florida

    Ai4i is always on the trailing edge of technology


    I have Davidson College’s station, if I want it. The signal is great, though it has had problems over the years that have always gotten fixed. The only time I listen is if my dentist happens to be playing it. Lately they’ve just put me in a room with no music so they can listen to what passes for country or what passes for AC these days.

    I also have multiple K-Love affiliates. Not that I would want any. People around here are now complaining about the new BBN translator. Now BBN has Christian music I like.

    What has happened to the people of South Florida is a crime.


    Great time to play the Paris Hilton card!

    My earlier post about highbrow media in Palm Beach was very prescient. PBS station WXEL owned the Palm Beach NPR affiliate before selling it to APM. Now WXEL is merging with Miami’s PBS station — the official announcement came today.


    And a former trustee of Classical South Florida wants the state’s attorney general to intervene at the FCC to block the sale to EMF. Good luck with that!

    Relevant story from Current:


    WLRN has in fact begun broadcasting on 101.9 in West Palm after reaching a deal with the owners of K-Love to use their translator. The Legal ID I heard just before 7pm last night is a mouthful: 91.3 WLRN & HD-1 Miami, Fort Lauderdale, 91.5 WKWM & HD-1 Marathon, Key West, WFLV HD-2 West Palm Beach, 101.9 W270AD West Palm Beach, NPR for the Palm Beaches. Whew! The positioning line is a bit awkward but it’s good to see NPR back in West Palm.


    I realize the legal ID needs to be that mouthful, but they should actually identify themselves at other times as something like, “91.3 WLRN, 91.5 in the Keys and 101.9 in the Palm Beaches.”

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