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    Timothy Blanks

    What diginets have the best chance of finding an affiliate in Cleveland?

    Gravity Sports Network
    Cozi TV
    ZUUS Music

    and many more still not in the Cleveland market. My impression on the diginet situation:

    WKYC: Should drop the weather radar and add a diginet
    WEWS: LiveWell not my cup of tea but I guess it works for them
    WJW: Antenna TV is good, they can probably add another diginet.
    WOIO: MeTV is good, same as WJW.
    WVPX: 5 diginets but a waste of diginet space to me
    WVIZ: 3 quality diginets although the Ohio Channel can be boring.
    WUAB: Bounce is quality, one of my favorites.
    WNEO: Quality diginets.
    WBNX: Need some more programs on 55.2 Make it maybe a family type channel.
    WQHS: Finally has get-tv, can probably add a few more diginets.

    Pending: W35AX and WRAP

    How many diginets will they have when they finally go digital?

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    Nathan Obral

    Add the revived The Nashville Network to the mix. CBS sold off the TNN name off to a group which relaunched the network last year.

    IIRC, Gannett is considering launching a subchannel weather service not unlike the old NBC WeatherPlus. That at least would make some use out of the endless radar loop on 3.2 (WKYC tried an in-house rendition of WeatherPlus after the diginet shutdown in 2009, but quickly gave up on that and went with the radar loops.)

    Recorded in Ultra Stereo, the ultimately superior cousin to Normal Stereo!

    Profile photo of Doug Smith
    Doug Smith

    The TNN name didn’t last long, it’s now “Heartland”. Pretty much the same programming. Not sure why the name change.

    Doug Smith W9WI
    Pleasant View (Nashville), TN

    Profile photo of Timothy Blanks
    Timothy Blanks

    Has anyone heard an expected launch date for the new Gannett (WKYC) weather diginet?

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    I am guessing that W35AX/WAOH will have 7 or 8 Diginets when they go digital,
    same with WRAP i am guessing that they will have a few that are infomercial and some that lease space, or pay a fee to be carried,
    I think WeatherNation will end up on WKYC,
    W35AX will have some of the Luken Networks like Tuff TV (which i want FGO, and Car TV would be cool also) since they carry Retro TV,
    Also i do believe they will either carry America One and if not that then One World Sports (i would love) since they air some movies from America One in the mornings,
    it is true that One World Sports is a cable network but only on a few cable providers/Dish Network but i do believe some stations will carry it as a subchannel
    BizTV was supposed to end up part time on WGGN not sure if that will still happen but i like the channel,
    Movies! could end up on WOIO along with MeTV or WUAB along with Bounce if they get cable carriage
    Gravity Sports Network does not have a Cleveland Affiliate yet but they are working on it
    i was looking forward to ATSC 2.0 this year so all the subchannels could switch over to AVC (h.264) but that may not happen, but Sinclair’s new standard could get adopted and hopefully switched over to as quickly as possible, ATSC 3.0 would not be ready until 2016 that is to long to wait for,
    no matter what anybody says there will not be another transition like the analog to digital only switches to new technology, which will require everyone to have new equipment
    i think WJW,WEWS,and WUAB could add one or two, WKYC could possibly do one more, same with WOIO, WQHS could add two or three more, it is all up to the stations

    Profile photo of Timothy Blanks
    Timothy Blanks

    That’s about 15 new diginets just between WRAP and W35AX! Wow! They have to be digital by September 2015, right? They will probably wait till the last minute to light up. I hope they will both cover greater Cleveland well!

    Profile photo of jxg0754

    W35AX wants to be digital as soon as possible, WRAP i think will have to at least have the work done on WJW’s tower this year to avoid all that could happen with the auction/repack

    here is W35AX’s Longley-Rice Coverage Map

    here is WRAP’s Longley-Rice Coverage Map

    both are from

    Profile photo of Timothy Blanks
    Timothy Blanks

    So, in your best estimate, about exactly when do you see the WRAP and W35AX channels lighting up? Later this year? Early next year? Seems like WRAP will have a little better coverage, but I will get both from my Cleveland location.

    Profile photo of jxg0754

    W35AX when it gets approved hopefully as soon as possible,
    WRAP is unknown i think they have to at least do the tower work this year or they risk possibly not doing it at all and going off the air completely but they do have a construction permit
    i too am waiting for more diginets in the area,
    the reason why i say 7 or 8 channels is that more lptv/class a channels are going to that amount of channels now since more are available and the more you have the more money is made

    Profile photo of Timothy Blanks
    Timothy Blanks

    Interesting stuff jxg0754. Thanks for the insight. If you find out any more, keep us posted on this board. I knew about the lp stations that still had to go digital but did not know they would have so many diginets.

    Profile photo of jxg0754

    as long as they are 480i or 480i(w) there is room for that amount of channels considering the space that is used for current subchannel’s
    i am not really an expert but have been keeping up on stuff from and anyplace i can get news about Broadcast TV and Diginet’s
    Diginet’s at least to me also are more interesting than cable tv networks,
    i think when new a new standard is approved and switched to that even some cable tv networks that are either on a package or special tier that is not widely subscribed to will also find homes as subchannels,
    I am also hearing that 7 new sports networks are being created with one cooking channel and a few other genre’s are in the works as well, i have no names or a link to the company yet, but when that info becomes available i will pass it along at that point in time,

    Profile photo of XtraXtra

    WVIZ: 3 quality diginets although the Ohio Channel can be boring.<br>

    I couldn’t disagree more. If you like news and public affairs, the Ohio Channel is the best thing to happen to this state. Late nights when I have insomnia, I enjoy the lectures at the Cleveland Club and the Columbus Metropolitan Club. There is actually some interesting stuff on that channel.

    Profile photo of jxg0754

    interesting is the word with diginets,
    they are more well thought out than cable networks,
    looking at all the diginets that exist in and that are not carried in this area i feel their is more compelling content than cable they actually target an audience,
    i feel Create and LWN do a better job than say HGTV,Food Network,and Travel Channel sure these diginets target a more broader audience with a combination between those cable networks but to me it is better more interesting,
    for example LWN has two good travel shows Motion and Sweet Retreats, they have some good cooking and remodeling shows even though some people say that the channel is not for them or good at all it is to more people than you think, just wish the channel was 480i(w) same as 16×9 sd with no black bars

    Profile photo of Timothy Blanks
    Timothy Blanks

    What exactly is the “auction/repack”. When will that take place and how will it affect the Cleveland diginets?

    Profile photo of jxg0754

    Mid 2015 the FCC wants 120 Mhz of spectrum which is 20 channels.
    they want some stations to sell their uhf channel and either go off air, move to vhf, or share with another station so that the fcc can sell it to Wireless Carriers like Verizon or AT&T as examples most likely so they can offer pay tv ,with the channels that choose to stay on air they will be repacked say below 31,

    This is an article about the auction in mid 2015 auction

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