Cleveland's Revolving TV Door.

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    I love seeing the new set in action, and the updated graphics/audio is a welcome change from the “MyFox Cleveland” days. My only gripe is what the “” graphic looks like whenever they use it on-screen to point to their website.

    I’m pretty sure revamping the Weather Center desk is next. Now that the team’s not beholden to being there for every segment and is spending more time in the studio, it can get a matching makeover. Though, I do wish that, for the Coffee Quiz these first couple of weeks in the new studio, they’d give away pieces of the old set in their prize packs (like how the old Nickelodeon show “Figure It Out” gave away props from the set of “Legends of the Hidden Temple”).

    I can’t wait to see some actual weather phenomena happening on that view screen behind the main desk. That’ll make “Snow Watch” interesting!


    WKYC is teasing some major changes.  They’re running some promos with “3 reassembled” and the date of September 23.  A new newscast, format change, or both?

    Plus, it looks like their longtime logo could be out as well.


    WKYC is getting a new logo and they are changing the name of their newscasts on September 23.

    It’s morning news will become “GO!” while the 6pm broadcast will become “What Matters Most.”

    No joke.  It has been running on promos.


    Of all the local newscasts in Cleveland I feel like WKYC is typically the least cringe-worthy, so hopefully they don’t change too much.  I can’t go more than 5 minutes of watching Fox 8 News without rolling my eyes at some bizarre fluff story they run or the way their anchors deliver a story.

    Honestly how long before local newscasts just become wall to wall weather updates with a few infomercials disguised as news segments sprinkled in between (as I watch a Paul Schumacher Homes segment fun on Fox 8, lol)



    A few new faces are coming to the local newsrooms.

    WKYC NBC 3 is adding reporter/meteorologist Jordan Frazer (who will be a utility man), as well as  his fiance, reporter Romney Smith.

    WJW Fox 8 is adding reporter Alex Stokes, who happens to be the granddaughter of Louis Stokes (longtime former Cleveland based congressman) and great-niece of Carl Stokes (former Cleveland mayor).


    Here are all the new news titles for WKYC come September 23, according to Zap2It:


    4-7am  Go!

    12-12:30pm  Lunch Break with Jay Crawford

    6-6:30pm  What Matters Most

    7-7:30pm  Front Row

    11-11:30pm  What’s Next


    “Live on Lakeside” at 11am will shorten to an hour, and it looks like “Donovan Live” is history.


    I don’t know if they will implement “3 News” in front of the titles on-air, but we shall see.  People will like them, people won’t.  We shall see.


    On one hand I give WKYC credit for seemingly trying to shake up the local news landscape.  On the other hand some of those names leave me skeptical of what they will bring to the table.  I did enjoy Donovan Live, interesting that the plug is apparently being pulled on it so soon.  Wonder if that has to do with that timeslot’s performance, or if it was more of a work/life balance issue with Jim.  Then again, for all we know, he could be the host of “Front Row”, whatever that’s going to consist of, lol

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