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    Betsy was in Florida to help with coverage of the hurricane towards the beginning of September, then the week after there was a weather conference she attended in Alabama (Jason was there also). My guess is TEGNA gives comp time rather than overtime pay so she gets a lot of extra time off besides her regular vacation.

    I know when there is severe weather and meteorologists work extra on the weekends they then get another day off during the week. So say if, Betsy, Mark, Jason or Andre works a Saturday or Sunday, they get comp time.


    Was it necessary for Betsy to go to Florida to cover the hurricane?  Probably not.


    Was it necessary for Betsy to go to Florida to cover the hurricane? Probably not.

    She was doing work down there, not covering the hurricane. They sent her one other time to help the station down there out. Doing graphics, forecasts etc.


    From Betsy’s Instagram.

    Been having fun working days this week on some projects.


    And now Betsy is going to OKC per her Facebook. For a communications conference.


    Ch. 3 experiment might be over soon! All that rebranding could be for not! LOL


    “Lunch Break” got to make its debut today.  Wasn’t too bad, maybe some of the new elements of “3News” might stay.

    Could the new logo remain at WKYC?


    Victor Williams is leaving WOIO.


    Victor Williams is leaving WOIO.

    Sounds like more will be leaving too.

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