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    I was listening to my favorite, Scott Shannon today on CBS-FM, and right in the middle or halfway into the song, it was interrupted by (say it with me) Kars For Kids, Progressive Audio Insurance, This Week in Music History, and all kinds of garbage. And then after these ads, it goes back to Scott Shannon during a conversation that has been going on. What’s wrong with you, CBS Radio (now soon-to-be Entercom)?????

    I hate commercial loads being played in a middle of a song or in a middle of a conversation during Scott Shannon. This is total BS!

    I hope CBS (now Entercom) I saw stepping up to the plate and needs to put an end on commercial loads. Back then, it was good without interruptions, but now, it’s total garbage.

    And guess what! I am done with Scott Shannon, because of the commercial loads being interrupted during a conversation or in the middle of a conversation or a song. I’ll listen to my favorite, Bob O on WGNY-FM’s “Fox Oldies” which is a ton better than Scott Shannon. Bob O plays oldies just like the old CBS-FM did a long time during the Joe McCoy era. Bob O is still a favorites of mine.

    And I hope CBS-FM needs to stop running commercial loads during the song. I hope it needs to fix it, and make it sound better with no interruptions.

    And just to sum it up, I found this clip from “Family Guy” where’s an opera singer sings the Kars For Kids jingle. This is funny as hell than the annoying commercial loads. Just give it a watch.


    MTN Productions

    If not, I might as go to Global Tuners and listen to Scott Shannon without interrupting commercial loads. I’ll give it a try.



    Is this an everyday occurrence? If so, have you reached out via social media to CBS-FM or Mr. Shannon about the issue? I’m certain they’d appreciate an online listener’s help in pointing out a mistake in their audio feed that clearly needs correction.

    After all, don’t all of us make an occasional mistake? I’m certain that at some time you have with your youtube “network.”

    Conversely, if you find yourself obsessing over a one time error with a radio station audio stream, perhaps it’s best to reach out for help elsewhere. Again, social media can help. I wish you all the best as you seek help for these issues.It's a Mistake

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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