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    It is sad to read that Bob Kingsley has bladder cancer.  He’s a good host on a good countdown show that was carried on WGAR for many years.  That brings me to the current countdown show that runs from 9:00am until noon on Sundays.  This was a disappointing change.  First of all, they countdown only 30 songs instead of the more usual Top 40.  What replaces the songs is way too much yap-yap-yapping (talk).  The non-Country focused features do not enhance the Country countdown show.  I know that the change was brought on by this new show being an in-house production.  On Sunday morning I’m doing some work with another gentleman who, without me asking or saying anything, opined that this Country countdown show is not nearly as good as Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40 countdown show.


    Mr Kingsley passed away this week, BTW.

    Bob Kingsley, Country Radio Legend, Dead at 80


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