Defunct WV radio stations

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    This was done a while back on another board, but here goes:

    With the loss of WHNK 1450 AM in Parkersburg, can anyone give more info about other stations that have gone dark, along with pictures of any facilities? I remember that Wheeling had a 1470 frequency many years ago, but the calls escape me.

    I don’t know if we’re doing better than other states concerning percentage of stations lost. Perhaps we’re actually doing something right in this regard.

    Have at it, pros!


    I’m not sure how far back these designations go in FCC-CDBS but the following West Virginia stations* are listed with a “D” for “Deleted”:

    WRRD-940 Blennerhassett
    WOBG-1400 Clarksburg
    WMSP-1570 Elk Hills
    WLOG-1230 Logan
    WZAC-1450 Madison
    WOQB-620 Parkersburg
    WSGD-1230 Summersville
    WXEE-1340 Welch
    WELA-1340 Welch (did this one go away allowing WXEE to exist, and then WXEE died too?)

    WYQC-89.5 Charleston
    WYFY-103.7 Fisher
    WEYS-90.9 Institute
    WITB-FM 91.1 Salem
    WPTT-88.7 Thomas
    WXMD-93.3 White Sulphur Spring

    I suspect some of these were construction permits that were never built. Especially the FMs.

    * not counting numerous FM & TV translators, LPTVs, and LPFMs.

    The list is obviously not complete — you’re right about a 1470 having existed in Wheeling, it was WBZE in the 1966 Broadcasting Yearbook. Deleted before the FCC computerized the database?

    Doug Smith W9WI
    Pleasant View (Nashville), TN


    Thank you, Doug! I went to the thread on the other forum, but your list includes new entries. The ones for Blennerhassett (WRRD), Summersville (WSGD) and Parkersburg (WOQB) were totally new to me. I know ‘tpt’ would know if these ever hit the air or not, if so so, what their histories were.


    If you *really* have the time:) you can do more exploring in CDBS..

    Go here and type in the call letters, preceded by a “D”. (like “DWRRD”)

    If there are any “BL” records, like the very last record you get if you put in “DWOBG”, then the station *did* operate at one time. (or at least, filed documents with the FCC that certified that it operated:) ) “BL” means “Broadcast License” — the station filed for a license-to-cover. Which requires that you test the transmitter on the air.

    None of the three you mention (WRRD, WSGD, WOQB) ever filed for a license to cover.

    (which isn’t a 100% guarantee they never operated. It’s possible they started testing & then found they couldn’t get things working according to the permit and just gave up. But that would be pretty rare, most stations would keep trying and/or ask the FCC to amend the permit to match something the station could get to work.)

    Doug Smith W9WI
    Pleasant View (Nashville), TN


    WKBS – Kiss 107.1 Huntington WV! I miss that station! They played awesome CHR/Hip Hop Music!


    WBKS. It still exists, having changed call letters to WLRX. You won’t find it in the FCC’s records for West Virginia because the “principal community” for FCC purposes is Ironton, Ohio.

    Doug Smith W9WI
    Pleasant View (Nashville), TN


    While WBDY 1190 was licensed in Bluefield VA, its 10KW signal covered southern WV well as I remember… Was on the air in the 1980s and 90s as a daytimer.


    whnk 1450 am parkersburg wv is back heard it aug 29 2015
    country format no advertisements


    Yes, 1450 is back on the air, with the license owned by FELLOWSHIP BAPTIST CHURCH on Rosemar Road, near Vienna. I believe it’s Christian talk/preaching at 1 KW.


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