Deptro out at WADK but will be on the air Monday at…..

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    He’ll announce at 8:a.m.. On Monday on his Website.

    My guess a return to WPRO.


    There’s no chance that Mr. DePetro works for any Cumulus radio station again. He pulled some serious stunts that put the company in a really bad place. That’s why you don’t see him filling in on Cumulus owned “Michael Savage Show.”  Mr DePetro’s ratings and revenue performance was never an issue – he was a top performer right until the end – it was his self-sabatoging antics behind the scenes that brought him down at WPRO and now at WADK, despite Bonnie Gomes’ pleasant comments towards him in the media yesterday. She’s friendly with the family, and she’s correct, he has a lovely family.

    Word is he’s leased studio space from the owners of WRNI (Latino Public Radio, ironically…) after being turned down after trying to rent studio space from the iHeart cluster. He’ll continue his show, at least on WNRI in Woonsocket, moving his timeslot to 11am-2pm where other non-paid programming like Clark Howard exists now.

    Remember, Mr DePetro pays for his airtime and makes his money by selling his own show, like any other “brokered show.” It’s probably a the best business model for him at this point, since he remains somewhat popular with advertisers and some die-hard fans, but is untouchable and poison to big broadcasting companies who just don’t want to deal with his antics or be liable for the next drama to unfold, and with Mr DePetro there’s ALWAYS a next drama. Whether it be the sales stuff he pulled at WABC, the incidents at WRKO and WPRO, or his latest at WADK – there’s always a “next one” with him. Which is a shame because he’s probably one of the best hosts of his time – he knows how to promote himself and how to get people talking about him. Heck, we’re doing it right now.

    Funnily enough, the one place he left on good terms with, WHJJ, also has no interest in him returning. They likely can’t afford what he’s ask for (he made six figures at WPRO) and current management there knows enough that even if he came in, bought his show and sold his own ads like he did on WADK, he’s not worth the aggravation. Remember, it was WHJJ management that found the evidence of ratings cheating when Mr. DePetro did mornings on WPRO.


    I ran into my former Program Director on Saturday Night.He said he thinks he is going to  WHJJ 9-12noon.We will see


    If you picked WNRI, you’re a winner…


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