Des Moines Sports Radio Changes?

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    The Des Moines Register is reporting that longtime KXNO PM drive host Ken Miller is leaving the IHeartMedia sports talker to go to another station. Speculation is that he will reunite with his old radio partner Marty Tirrell at a station owned by Saga’s Des Moines Radio Group. Most likely, KRNT will flip from Adult Standards to sports with an ESPN affiliation. KRNT already carries a lot of play by play as it has been the Des Moines affiliate for the Chicago Cubs radio network for a number of years. It is also the flagship for Drake University sports and airs high school sports and recap shows as well as the NBADL Iowa Energy.

    Miller’s departure comes just a couple of days after the debut of Heather Burnside as his new co host on KXNO.


    I thought Tirrell was programming KXLQ in Indianola?


    I thought Tirrell was programming KXLQ in Indianola?

    His show airs on that station along with ESPN Radio, but the signal is very hard to get in Des Moines. I guess he has a good relationship with ESPN from his days of programming the old KJJC The Jock. With all the bridges he has burned in Des Moines businesswise and all the folks he has owed money to, Marty Tirrell is like a cat with nine lives. Once you think he is finished in Des Moines radio, he bounces back.


    I never had any issue getting KXLQ in Des Moines whenever I went through it. Even at night.


    I forgot to mention it at the time, but “Marty & Miller” ended up on KBGG (along with KXLQ). Coincidentally (or maybe not), KXNO announced some changes on the same day.

    See both and


    In addition to all of that, “Marty & Miller” struck a deal with Mediacom to air two hours of their show daily on MC 22 on Mediacom systems throughout Iowa and parts of other states starting in March.


    Bumping this back up because Andrew Logue of the Des Moines Register is reporting that KRNT is switching formats from Adult Standards/MOR to ESPN Radio at midnight 9/10. The music format will move to the 104.5 FM translator. KRNT will continue to carry the Chicago Cubs and Drake University athletics. They are also adding the Green Bay Packers to the lineup.

    KRNT going all sports

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