Do children listen To AM?

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    This classic comic strip says they did at one time.



    What did you mean by “AM” (I did not see any mentions of “AM” in the “comic strip”)?



    Short answer…NO

    Other than play-by-play sports and a couple of major market all news stations, I don’t think AM exists to anyone under 55.



    I know lots of kids who are listening to Rush Limbaugh.


    Goofy question.


    Steve Green


    When 1560 in NYC was Radio Disney,   they would show up once in an indigo moon in the Westchester County book.

    With something like a 0.4.

    The Westchester book doesn’t exist anymore.   At least I haven’t seen one in a while.    WQEW 1560 used to send quite a signal that way,  day and night.   That had to be at least ten years ago.  And at the youngest,  those kids in the all-important 6-11 sales demo are now high school or college age.

    Radio Disney,  of course,  has jettisoned many of their radio signals and gone on to concentrate on internet delivery.    In short,  children don’t even know what a ‘radio’ is today,   never mind where or what an AM dial is.




    What did you mean by “AM” (I did not see any mentions of “AM” in the “comic strip”)?

    For one thing, FM is not known for having static. Charlie Brown was content with the static. And then there is the fact the strip is so old FM was not well known.


    Curt Schwarzwalder

    Most of their entertainment is delivered via the internet.

    Not only are they rarely exposed to broadcast radio (AM or FM), they rarely use broadcast TV.

    In fact, the idea of  willingly consuming live, linear content would be puzzling to them.


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