Does anyone remember Rock 104?

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    Commercials aired in Cincinnati in the early 80s. Out in Union, I apparently could not get it.   I did hear it one time when I was in a Chess King store at the Florence Mall. I’m not so sure how they received it given it was a short distance closer to town  particularly in a reinforced building.

    There was a blank spot on the dial where 103.5 normally was. So, I think that where the station was on the dial.   Strange since we received the disco station that was on the frequency before it and WBLZ afterwards.


    Rock 104 did not last more than 6 months. 103.5 was still WOKV and then around 1981 they began as WBLZ simulcasting WCIN for a brief period before flipping to urban dropping the simulcast with 1480.


    I have slept since 1980, but hadn’t WOKV 103.5 gone disco or semi-disco by early 1980 if not before? Seems I also remember hearing Rock 104 (the same facility) right after the John Lennon assasination.

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