Does Good Karma have translators?

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    Does Good Karma Sports talk stations have translators for their AM properties.  I don’t believe AM850 WKNR in Cleveland, Ohio does.  They could use it since their 50,000 watt daytime signal drops to under 5,000 watts at night to protect KOA AM850 in Denver, Colorado.


    It only has a few, but it really doesn’t matter that much–since most of its other primary stations are on “true” FMs:  Milwaukee’s WTMJ does have a translator now–although the AM’s signal is less challenged than WKNR.  Co-located WAUK might’ve had a translator that’s now off-air–but the local programming has pretty much shifted over to WKTI (a heritage, full-market FM).  Likewise, in West Palm Beach, the primary format moved over to a “true” FM (WUUB) years ago–leaving the AM (WEFL) to carry the soon-to-be-defunct ESPN Deportes Radio.

    In Madison, the main Sports programming is on a move-in FM (WTLX)–while the co-located AM (WTTN), which does have a translator, is an afterthought.  (Indeed, WTTN itself still isn’t really a “Madison” station.)  The nearby local pairing for Beaver Dam has a Full Service AM (WBEV) that might not even really need a translator; as long as it has a decent signal to Beaver Dam itself (and perhaps also to Columbus and Waupun), it should be fine.

    Finally, its newest station–Chicago’s WMVP–is a Class A, even though it’s still somewhat directional (largely to protect Seattle’s KOMO).  It should have a much-better nighttime signal than WKNR (as should the aforementioned WTMJ).



    WKNR and WWGK simply never bothered to apply for a translator during the open window. That is so foolish I can’t even begin to describe it.

    True, it would have wound up as useless a signal as WHK’s comically hemmed-in 102.5 translator, but it would still have made WWGK modestly relevant as a micropower FM that has a tiny high-band AM daytime signal no one knows exists strapped onto it.

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