Due to Interference, K259CF-FM 99.7 Flipping to 102.3 at 5 AM on Thursday

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    Still calling themselves ‘KKDJ’, K259CF will be changing frequencies on Thursday from 99.7 to 102.3. Seemingly because of major interference with adjacent station, 99.9 KCIV (Bott Radio Network Christian Teaching), the FCC has granted 99.7 a move request. I can attest to major interference throughout Fresno on 99.9 and I don’t just mean static. Bleeding through from 99.7 and sharp piercing interference can be heard throughout much of Fresno on KCIV. Right now, 102.3 is vacant in Fresno with very faint Spanish language programming coming through from another market. In times last, the interference from 99.7 was so strong that the station offered to buy new finely tuned radios for listeners of 99.9 (Bott). How cool is that? This will be a welcome move for everyone involved.
    My one question is this. How can K259CF-FM identify themselves as KKDJ when the station that once was is no longer in existence? They do mention K259CF-FM (and another frequency on 94.7 that has been off the air for ages) each hour. Is this all that is needed? Looking up KKDJ gets historical Wikipedia pages and this station’s website but no sign of the real call letters: K259CF-FM. 🤔

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