DX Mystery – Alex Jones on AM 1210?

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    Was hoping someone out there could shed some light on this mystery DX catch…

    Normally here in the northeast WPHT owns the channel (1210), but tonight I heard a replay of the Alex Jones Show fading up and over WPHT, except of course when it comes time to ID the station. Heard from 04:25 – 04:40 Eastern Time today.
    Cant find any affiliate info, except one station in Michigan – but their webstream audio does not match.
    I hardly ever catch anything on 1210 besides Philadelphia so any ideas (or even an answer) would be welcome!


    Web stream audio can be delayed as much as 2 minutes. So when you say it did not match you need to listen to the web stream for at least 2 minutes before writing off that station as the source of the DX.

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