Favorite Hudson Valley & Albany Area Radio Stations of All Time

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    WALL 1340 Mid 70s Top 40/Oldies

    WBNR 1260 & WSPK 10-47 FM Mid 70s

    WSUS 102 Town N Country the Early to Mid 70s

    WDLC 1490 AM & WDLC 96.7 FM Mid 70s Country

    WVOS 95.9 FM Top 40/Oldies Mid 70s

    WPDH 101.5 Launch of Rock format 1976

    WGNY 1220 AM Top 40 Mid 70s

    WTBQ 1110 AM Top 40/Oldies Mid 70s


    WPDH and WSPK in the mid to late 80s (in the days when Allan Sniffen had his Saturday night show and WPDH had the weekly top 12 and yearly top 101).

    WKNY (80s and 90s)

    WCZX in early to mid 80s when it was “98 Fame”.




    Q-104- WQBK-FM 103.9….1975-1983 era….The best sounding Progressive Rock/AOR station in the Northeast during that period in my opinion….Incredible music depth and DJs that knew the music and understood the concept of the format…


    I prefer my favorite jocks on some stations including the following:

    1. Bob Miller (WBPM)
    2. Kevin Richards (WROW)
    3. Bob O (WGNY) only did Saturday mornings, except fill-ins for Bob Miller on the other station.
    4. Warren Lawrence (WKNY)
    5. Bob Johnson (WROW)
    6. Richie Norris (WROW)
    7. Jimmy Howes (WALL)

    Favorite fill-in jocks:

    1. JJ Carter (WBPM) used to be on every morning, now as a fill-in host where he was filled in for my new favorite Race Taylor on the current WCBS-FM.
    2. Joe Manglass (WGNY) usually did evenings, now filling in for Jimmy Howe’s on the other station, WALL due to a football game.
    3. Sunny Joe Allen (WGNY) now a fill-in guest host which was either in for Race Taylor on WCBS-FM, or JJ Carter on WBPM.
    4. Ben Patten (WROW) usually did a holiday shift on “Magic” where he was in for Bob Miller on WBPM and Bob O on WGNY playing Christmas music.

    My least favorite jocks:

    1. Buffalo Bob Corsino (WGNY) not the best afternoon host, period, he was either filling in for Brian Bannon on WLNG, or Bob Johnson on “Magic”.
    2. Randy Turner (aka Randy Turnip) (WBPM) I don’t listen to him on a regular basis, except during Christmas Day where he hosted “Celebration of the Season” every year.
    3. Jimmy Lyles (WBPM), I used to listen to him, but I don’t listen to him anymore, so I prefer different jocks on different stations elsewhere.
    4. Van Ritshie (WGNY) I used to listened to his show, but I don’t listened to his show anymore. He’s on WALL doing mornings.

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