Formats Needed and Not Needed in Cleveland

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    “Classic hip-hop” = Fad of the Month. You can’t sell “classic” to advertisers on its own. Look to Dallas where a consolidator has dumped the fad format for current R&B/hip-hop.


    I don’t know if Cumulus dropping the format in Dallas was a sign of its failure or whether the classic hip hop was more of a stunt to begin with. Some even wonder if the new ‘Hot 93.3’is also a stunt until the new year.

    If this format does gain any further traction, I think iHM could end up placing it on a translator.


    Here’s betting 2015 in terrestrial radio will mean more and more format changes, and less and less long-term patience….somewhat like TV shows: be successful quickly or face rapid cancellations.

    What I find amazing is…the movers & shakers in commercial radio seem to not get the reason for the amazing growth of the public’s time spent on the internet. Not just for music, but for a wide variety of reasons including social media.

    Today, a terrestrial radio company’s “digital strategy” is to hire a young jock who’s “good on social media”, or…create a non-traditional revenue department and sell banner ads on terrestrial radio station websites. And, even more mindless…stream their over-the-air station with the same 250 songs and 24 minutes of commercials an hour on the internet.

    But, never asking…WHY are millions and millions of people in just about ALL age groups going on-line for entertainment and information???

    So, terrestrial format changes? Who cares. It’ll just be a variation of the same old-same old that’s had it’s hand in driving billions of ad dollars on-line…where more and more consumers are spending increasing media time.

    Cue Hall & Oates tune “Out of Touch”. Play that at the next RAB/NAB.


    Could internet radio start impacting terrestrial radio a lot more in 2015?


    Yes, internet radio is breaking ground with Owow and possibly more in the works.


    Yes, internet radio is breaking ground with Owow and possibly more in the works.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Gorman & Co. add a true Oldies/Classic Hits Channel within the next year. Gorman was the mastermind behind the 14K format on WHK in the mid 80s, and IMHO had the best selection and variety of music when he had his hands on WMJI.

    The website is good, but their live talent is usually on in the evenings only.

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