Former CBS News Reporter Lara Logan Joining Sinclair

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    Lara Logan will do segments for the Sinclair owned stations on the US/Mexico Border.


    “There are many [companies] I would work for, but I’m not going to be something I’m not,” she told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview. “I’m not going to pretend to be conservative so I can be the darling of the conservative media. I’m going to be who I am.”

    But she has now found a fit with conservative media conglomerate Sinclair Broadcast Group, which is hiring her for a three-month stint as a special correspondent focusing on the U.S.-Mexico border.

    “There’s no interference whatsoever,” Logan told THR. “The mandate is to just go down there and come back with great stories. That’s it. … I never expected that at this point in my career, after all these years, I would have that kind of freedom.”

    Logan, who lives in Texas but has never covered the border dispute before, has become a star in conservative circles since appearing on a Feb. 15 podcast and criticizing the mainstream media as left-leaning. She’s appeared regularly on Fox News opinion shows in recent weeks, leading to speculation that she could join the network.

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