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    La Mega is aware. They basically told me they have a plan in place, but can’t be more specific at this time.


    La Mega is moving higher but not anytime soon. The radio station at 87.7 will be history at some point. Still question marks around WLFM the TV station.


    IF the Fish 95.5 is really struggling, would it be possible WCLV could get their hands back on 95.5 and then lease or sell 104.9 to La Mega? The coverage area of 104.9 would cover the Hispanic population perfect on the west side. Air 1 and WCRF have the Christian music crowd covered well with their signals. Just a thought, don’t know if it is even plausible, but it would make sense to me.


    I’d love to see WCLV return to 95.5.  And 104.9 would be the perfect station for La Mega.  But it is unlikely to happen.  Bob Conrad & Co. made a nice profit during the great frequency swap and I’m sure he is content with WCLV on 104.9 and 90.3 HD 2.


    An e-mail to Mr. Conrad wouldn’t hurt. He might be open, but I’m sure he’s content as well with 104.9/90.3 HD2.

    Plus, would Salem sell 95.5? If they did, they could possibly merge the Fish with one of the AMs since both 1220 and 1420 are each slated to get FMs.


    How is WCRF part of having “the Christian music crowd covered”?  I don’t listen much, but it seems to me that the teaching/talk takes precedence over music “bigly” as President Trump might say.  My sister listens to one or two teaching/talk shows, shall we say, religiously.


    WCRF plays some traditional Christian music.

    A source tells me La Mega has a signed contract with 87.7 until 2020.


    Tom Wilson, whose company (Murray Hill Broadcasting) owns WLFM, says in a Crain’s Cleveland Business article that La Mega is doing “great.”

    As for La Mega, things are going “great,” Wilson said.

    “It’s a niche in the market,” the former WDOK and WRMR owner said. “We started as an alt rock station, but it was brought to our attention there’s no Hispanic station.”

    La Mega’s visibility was boosted by a 2014 deal with the Cavs, who have since broadcasted their games in Spanish on the station.

    “We’re a music-based station — 30% of our audience is non-Hispanic,” Wilson said. “But if you listen to Rafa (Rafael Hernandez Brito, the team’s Spanish play-by-play voice) do a game, he calls it like a soccer game. The excitement he puts into it is a lot more than a lot of announcers do.”

    Doesn’t mention the potential loss of 87.7/RF 6, but he seems to be optimistic.



    I think it will be 87.7 La Mega for awhile, they will have future alternatives hopefully.


    There’s an article on the success of Chicago’s WRME Me-TV FM 87.7/TV-6 that mentions the future of Franken-FMs including WLFM.

    Despite its success, WRME and all low-power TV stations have been given a 2021 deadline by the Federal Communications Commission to convert to a digital broadcasting signal, which would end the de facto radio stations, since FM is still an analog medium.

    Venture, which owns six low-power TV stations operating as radio stations, has a pending petition that, if granted, would permit it to continue transmitting their FM signals in analog after they transition to digital TV, FCC spokesman Charlie Meisch said. Otherwise the Franken FMs will disappear within three years.


    I’m pretty sure WCLV streams. Listen that way….especially if your listening takes place at home/work/not in a vehicle.

    It’s 2018….the costs, risks, & potential levels of profit owning most radio stations make the industry, sadly, make most ad-supported media less and less attractive as a business, moving forward.

    I don’t think WCLV has a big staff (I may be wrong)….so, streaming is a viable option for listeners. Not buying another radio station.



    Didn’t WCLV switch from being a commercial to a non-commercial operation some years ago?  Do they sell “underwriting” spots like other non-com’s do?   Do they now do fund raising “beg-a-thons”?

    Streaming is a good option as a complement to their over-the-air broadcasts.


    Getting back to La Mega, they have a few more years on 87.7

    Beyond that, it may depend if there is a channel open if they stick around the FM dial. They could also go internet/online only.



    Yes, WCLV is non-commercial now.  I think they switched when they flipped from 95.5 to 104.9.  They just had their beg-a-thon a few weeks ago.


    WOUC-TV in the Wheeling/Steubenville market is slated relocate to the new digital position of 6 in February of 2019.  What could that mean for WLFM given that station’s big coverage map?


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