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    I am not sure if they can regulate the video power output and the audio power output independently.  The video on Channel 6 is really weak, even within sight of the TV tower, but the audio on 87.75 — although nowhere near as strong as it was before the WOSU complaint — seems stronger than the video.  Driving around, the 87.75 coverage is about 25 miles now, which can’t be using just 3 watts, regardless of how high the tower is.


    On 06/01/2018 Murry Hill Broadcasting, LLC Owners submitted application for Displacement for LPTV Station file number 0000054824 which was granted to move to channel 20 Digital and expiration date of 07/13/2021.

    On 03/07/2019 Murry Hill Broadcasting, LLC Owners of Channel 6 Analog LPTV received notice to Suspension of Operation of an Analog LPTV File Number 0000068413 to protect WOCU-TV

    On 03/07/2019 Murry Hill Broadcasting, LLC Engineer submitted an application to request for and STA file number 0000068414 for reduction of power to .003KW and to fulfill outstanding contracts with the LPTV.

    On 03/12/2019 Murry Hill Broadcasting was granted Resumption of Operations of an Analog LPTV base on the Engineer application.

    On 08/06/2019 Murray Hill Broadcasting, LLC, Engineer file an application requesting to extend an Analog LPTV file number 0000080048 as per the same request from file number 0000068414.

    As a concern resident I’m opposing to the continuation of operation to Channel 6 WLFM-LPTV for the following facts:

    The WLFM-LPTV station is not operating as a TV Station but as a radio station that the owners have lease out for Spanish programming La Mega Radio 87.7 FM.

    When tuning to channel 6-TV WLFM-LPTV there is no screen all you hear is Spanish music only audio.

    The owner’s attention is to continue operating as a Radio Station on frequency 87.7 FM and filing for STA till the last day to switch over to channel 20.
    Television guidelines are not been follow: no filing of public files online, no children’s programming, they don’t have to follow Radio stations rules because they are a TV station and this are just some examples. When the station ID plays over the radio all they mention is WLFM-LP never make a mention that they are a TV.

    In Conclusion a continuation of an STA operation to WLFM-LPTV should never be allows. They are a Television station capitalizing on the FM radio band and using the Hispanic community to generate funds. At the end of the day, they are not telling the community that they will be off the Air. They are not informing the advertisers that they are a TV station, but continue looking for advertiser expecting a continuation of an STA. They have been misleading the Cleveland, Ohio Hispanic Community and the FCC.

    Murry Hill Broadcasting, LLC have been granted a digital Television Channel 20 in the city of Cleveland and they should fulfill their commitment to the FCC when they file the application to serve the community of license as a Television not a Radio station broadcasting of 87.7 FM or return the license back to the FCC.


    Nice to see some activity on the Cleveland board.


    So basically WLFM has a drop dead date of July 13, 2021 before they have to switch to a digital operation, and La Mega is forced off the air.

    La Mega has less than two years to find a new terrestrial radio home, and I’m not altogether optimistic that they’ll do that. They’ve seemingly not done anything for the five years they’ve used the audio of channel 6.

    Recorded in Ultra Stereo, the ultimately superior cousin to Normal Stereo!


    EXT 0000080048 Pending 08/07/2019
    Record Type: Low Power Analog TV
    Application Purpose: Extension Request (Engineering)
    Channel: 6 (Zero offset)
    Construction Permit Expires: 09/07/2019
    SITE # 1
    NAD83 Coordinates: 41 22′ 58.0″ N / 81 42′ 6.0″ W
    Elevation: 310.6 m AMSL
    Antenna Type: ERI MPX-2C-HW
    Antenna Polarization: Horizontal
    Effective Radiated Power: 0.003kW
    Radiation center-above mean sea level: 505.7
    Overall antenna height above ground: 313.9
    Non-Directional Antenna
    Antenna System ID: 105816


    I agree with radiofriend. I don’t understand Spanish, but if the owners/operators are not telling their audience the truth about the gray area status of 87.7, they are doing a dis-service to the Hispanic community who really only have that one radio outlet in Cleveland. If 87.7 goes off the air, especially without any real warning, there’s gonna be a lot of unhappy customers. Cleveland needs at least 1 if not more STABLE radio outlets for it’s rather large Hispanic community. I know they have a few TV choices, but not radio. Is La Mega providing local content, or is it all satellite? Any live content?

    I also agree they should not be operating as a Franken-FM in 2019. I notice on my own TV’s when I scan for channels, and it also picks up any analogs, here’s Channel 3, fine, then Channel 5, fine, then analog 6, and it about blasts your speakers to pieces as the audio is so much louder than real TV stations as they have to have a modulation level on the radio equal to other stations. Or else the audio from a legit analog 6 at 87.7 will be much lower volume than the FM stations. I had friends who got new TV’s and wanted me to set it up, and when the scan would hit Channel 6 “my eardrums are exploding, get that channel outta there!”. If a true FM station did that on the FM dial, was 3X as loud as the others, I bet the FCC would step in very quick.

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