Glens Falls Sports frequencies

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    The frequency slugfest continues in Glens Falls.
    We have for decades had WZRT on 97.1 Rutland, and WJJR Rutland-Lebanon-Glens Falls on 98.1.
    We suddenly now have CBS Sports WENU-1410-Glens Falls blasting also on 96.9, and sister station Fox Sports WMML-1230am-Glens Falls blasting also at 97.9.
    Must be just a giant coincidence smothering out nearby Rutland !


    And the crazy thing is that all of these stations are all owned by the same parent company.


    Exactly the reason why they were possible. No objections 🙂 I must say the consultants seem to have made out like bandits during the last auction. I’ve not seen this many new FM signals on the dialscape in 30 years. Starting to like european FM overcrowding around here now.

    The only good thing is the 1410 signal might be used for something more viable now that it has FM coverage. Because really, GFL needs two sports stations like it needs PCB’s in the Hudson…. er.. um yeah.
    Too bad the folks over at ‘CKM didn’t grab an AM->FM translator for WWSC.


    There is a CP for a translator for WWSC. 93.1 W226CP.


    So 93.1 will be attacking 92.9 Burlington Vt. (Christmas music station, Grinch/Scrooge fans),

    and 93.3 VPR Classical Rupert Vt.,

    and 93.3 future Saratoga Springs.

    3 birds with 1 tower.

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