Goodbye, WABY

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    freddy freihofer

    Turned on WABY and some strange format called “X’ has landed there. “X” was on another Empire Broadcasting signal before. It looks to me like the owners want to appeal to a younger crowd. The joke is the targeted demographic never listens to radio anymore especially AM signals. At least us Baby Boomers would tune into an AM/FM station. It’s a shame, all the history down the drain. I  happened to notice that heritage AM signal 1540, once home to the legendary WPTR, is now completely off the air. Too expensive to run I guess.

    Fortunately, through my internet radio(GRACE is the best) and my smartphone apps my era of oldies lives on with still many choices. I will miss old WABY BABY!! They had a great mix of mushy and hot cuts.


    The Radio Kid

    Wait, X has moved?  Where can I find it now?

    --TRK -- Content Editor -- Clearing The Static


    Channel Surf

    The X has moved to 900 AM!!! The Jockey has been revived on 106.1. Let’s see…A 250 watt station is going after B-95 and The River 99.5…two established full market signals. This ought to go well. I wonder how many months this will last…


    MTN Productions

    That sucks! Now that WABY is gone to “The X”, the three remaining oldies stations survives including WGNY-FM’s “Fox Oldies”, WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5”, and WLNG. All three stations would bring a chuck of its audience from the loss of WABY. Or a lot of people are listening to internet radio stations to get their oldies including Rewound Radio, or satellite radio of your choice like Sirius/XM with their 40’s on 4, 50’s on 5, 60’s on 6 and 70’s on 7. That is a really bad move to WABY. If you want your oldies, listen to either WGNY-FM, WROW, and WLNG. Or listen to WBPM and the current CBS-FM, the only morning show I listen to is none other than Scott Shannon. He’s still my hero.

    If you haven’t heard the news, here is an article.

    The Jockey Returns To Albany

    And here is my favorite lineup for the “Terrific Ten”:

    5:30 AM – Bob O (WGNY-FM)
    6:00 AM – Scott Shannon (WCBS-FM)
    10:00 AM – JJ Carter (WBPM)
    12:00 PM – Wolfman Jack (WNTY)
    1:00 PM – Chip Ordway (WROW)
    2:00 PM – Brian “The Cannon” Bannon (WLNG)
    6:00 PM – Bob Johnson (WROW)
    7:00 PM – Joe Manglass (WGNY-FM) (Monday-Thursday) – Doo-Wop Drive (WMTR) (Friday)
    10:00 PM – Jimmy Howes (WALL)
    11:00 PM – Joe Manglass (WGNY-FM)


    6:00 AM – Bob O (WGNY-FM)
    10:00 AM – Jay Scott (WROW)
    12:00 PM – Warren Lawrence (WKNY)
    6:00 PM – Richie Norris
    7:00 PM – Wolfman Jack


    10:00 AM – Joe Manglass
    11:00 AM – Ross Britton (WCBS-FM)
    3:00 PM – Charlie Burger (aka the Hamburger Man/The Man With All of the Hamburgers) (WCBS-FM)
    8:00 PM – John Manzi’s Bop Shop (WVOS-FM)


    MTN Productions

    Just to give you an update, I deleted the Radio Box app from my iOS, because I’m not going to WABY anymore due to the format change.

    The other remaining stations continues to dominate the Oldies Vs. Classic Hits crowd, including my new favorite Wolfman Jack to the list where they had the “Best Of” shows. I love Wolfman Jack, because he sounded terrific and he was becoming the Next Don Imus or Howard Stern. He played great music and does his thing. He was a great guy, and a radio legend. He was in “American Graffiti” did the narration, and also did the spokesperson for Clearasil commercials, and the intro to a forgotten SatAM cartoon called “Fonz and the Happy Days Gang”. He was a genius, a greatness talented guy and a radio icon where gen started at WNBC-AM in the 1970’s. I can still listen to him everyday.


    freddy freihofer

    Why delete Radio Box? I deleted WABY. RB still has lots of good stations including WGNY.

    Radio owners don’t give a hoot for anyone over 50. I was laughed at a few years ago by a local radio exec when I complained about a FM pretending it had switched to a format appealing to older viewers. It’s stunting when these owners look like they care for any older listeners.(there are exceptions).  But if you’re willing to search there are still  great stations around the world many with live hosts that play oldies and other interesting genres.  I have over 100 oldies streams including internet and  broadcast stations on my Grace unit and more on my Smartphone. Thank goodness we aren’t prisoners anymore to local stations.

    Regarding the Wolfman, Joe Manglass gave his Saturday night show a good plug last night.



    Yup, went to WABY website yesterday and I was very surprised at the format change. As a listener at 28 yrs old, I like being able to change my dial and hear a variety of music. It upsets me when there are only a few choices to listen to. Bring on classic country and oldies as alternatives to the “normal listening” selection on the radio. When traveling my AM radio will go a lot further than the FM does and gives me a large range of variety!



    David Allan won’t have to return from his lengthy vacation anymore.   He took so many days off , he must have been compensated by the show. I always enjoyed his all request Thursday show.or was it Wednesday??


    MTN Productions

    David Allan won’t have to return from his lengthy vacation anymore. He took so many days off , he must have been compensated by the show. I always enjoyed his all request Thursday show.or was it Wednesday??

    And let’s not forget Bob Green. He was my favorite jock and he was trying to be the Dan Ingram of middays. He was on from Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. I still miss him so much playing his music. One of my favorite closing theme that Bob Green played where he ended his show each day is Jim Lowe’s “Green Door” which is way better than Dan Ingram’s closing music called “Tri Fi Drums”. This is a perfect way for a sign-off record to begin with.

    I hope Bob Green will come back to the airwaves soon.



    The move was to accommodate a slew of new AM-to-FM translators, mostly in Saratoga County, that Empire has been granted or has applications pending. All that EMF cash selling off the big signal to put a bunch of cheaper to operate small ones on the air. Should be an interesting experiment.


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