Gray Selling 2, Buying 1 Station In Charlottesville

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    Gray Has Announced that WCAV (CBS-Fox) and WVAW (ABC) will be sold to Lockwood and in the deal  Gray gets WVIR-TV if its approved.


    Not mentioned in that article is that WVAW is a low-power station–or, perhaps more importantly, that Gray also owns full-power WHSV and low-power WSVF in the adjacent Harrisonburg DMA.  Also, it looks like WVIR still has translators in both Harrisonburg and Staunton.

    As I’ve at least hinted at before, I’ve never understood why Charlottesville and Harrisonburg weren’t combined into one DMA prior to WCAV’s launch, in 2004.  Prior to that sign-on, the only full-power commercial stations in either market were WVIR and WHSV.


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