Grupo Radio Centro launches La Octava on XHRED 88.1 and on TV

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    Late last week, GRC launched its TV station in Mexico City (XHFAMX, Channel 8.1) as La Octava, a mostly News/Talk outlet.  At essentially the same time, a radio counterpart launched on 88.1 (XHRED)–which, in turn, pushed the venerable Universal format over to 97.7 (XERC).  Even though the TV station and the branding are new, much of the programming is a continuation of what had been on 97.7–and, a bit earlier, on 92.1 (XHFO).

    Most of the programming on radio and TV is the same; however, there are some significant differences (most notably, Carmen Aristegui’s radio show can’t air on TV, due to her existing relationship with CNN).  Also, despite the move, Universal’s Oldies/Classic Hits (in English) format–including El Club de los Beatles–remains intact.  I actually was a bit fearful that the new XFM format on 92.1 would result in some changes to Universal.

    Publicidad y Contenido, los principales retos para La Octava, el canal de TV de Radio Centro

    And, if you’re wondering just how much News-focused programming is on local radio (including on otherwise music-focused stations, like the current 92.1), here’s a recent overview……-Son-muchos-20190807-0036.html


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