Has NECN given up?

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    Instead of news at 8 PM and 9 PM, they have repeats of Dateline.  The 10 PM news is now a half-hour, with The Take at 10:30.

    From 4-7 AM they show NBC10 Boston news, of marginal interest to those outside the Boston area.

    I used to rely on NECN for news from around New England, but they have become more Boston-centric, with the top stories being fires or car accidents or robberies.  With these changes, there are fewer and fewer reasons to watch NECN.


    Comcast has also given up on NBC Sports Boston on weekends with the exception of special events like Stanley Cup coverage. Talkin’ Baseball doesn’t have a consistent time slot, sometimes airing as late as 11PM on a weekday. They used to have a consistent Sunday evening time slot for baseball.


    Interesting points.  I don’t know if Comcast has “given up” on NECN…but they have essentially re-created NECN in the form of NBC10 (oops that didn’t work)–er, rather BOSTON10. Or whatever they call it THIS month.

    This has been a colossal mistake from day 1.  Ratings at the network affiliate have been abysmal because viewers see a NECN product with NECN talent with polished fenders– rebranded as a WHDH replacement.

    The audio chain is mediocre and hollow, the studio look is inferior.   I’ve watched a lot of mid market television and it feels midmarket. Nothing inherently wrong-just not up to 4-5-7-25 standards.

    And then featuring a lot of the old  NECN stars as key promotable talent –simply reminds the viewer this is really NECN.   Serious branding mistake.

    Too bad because there’s SUBSTANCE in the quality reporting, photography, the weather department etc.  Some one said–its NECN graduate school. Perfect. The best NECN you ever watched. And that’s replaced NECN.  On Channel 10. Now if we only had a real deal NBC affiliate –wouldn’t that be nice?

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