Heavy traffic vs. silence

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    Something I’ve noticed about this site makes me curious.

    Some days, all I see in the comments promoted in the right hand column on the site are posts from Cleveland, with an occasional Boston post. Goodness, the folks in those area sure love talking media here and they’re lucky to have a vibrant place to do just that.

    At the same time, when I look at posts for my former market, St. Louis, it’s been exactly a year! Other markets I have an interest in are similar. It’s months and months between posts. I know St. Louis has a local media site, but it is dead as well – only a few folks talking amongst themselves (<10.)

    Why do you think this is? I wish other areas had the passion the Cleveland and the Boston folks have. Could it be as simple as people feeling a disconnect in some of the other markets while Cleveland and Boston has a great connection with audiences? I’m really curious about it!


    Thank you for the comment.  I’m in the Cleveland, Ohio market area.  I assumed that the reason I am seeing mostly Cleveland, Ohio based comments under “Recent Replies” was that the system showed mostly Cleveland area replies to people from the Cleveland area … St. Louis replies to members from that area…New York City replies to people from there… Dallas-Ft. Worth replies from that area of Texas… etc…



    Honestly, interest in radio is waning a lot. The Cleveland and Boston boards are almost exceptions to the rule (same can be said for the NYC and LA board on R-D). In part, it’s because of people who have frequented this site or other like boards for years and years and come back out of loyalty. But very little new blood is emerging, all of us are getting older.

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    John, my selections are wide open, since I worked a number of locales and have friends that went on to newer places afterward. Plus, living in places like San Francisco, L.A., Seattle, Hartford, etc. after radio also means I have a passing interest. Yet, when I look at the “recent replies” at this moment, ALL of them are from northern Ohio. You guysROCK this place!


    Nathan, I agree with you, but for the most part, this is a trend I have noticed for a long time. Nothing negative is implied by my comments- I am sincerely curious. Perhaps the stations in those few areas connect well with listeners while St. Loui, outside of two stations, they don’t. And those two stations (KSHE and KMOX) don’t connect as well to web fora, perhaps.


    There has to be things going on in every market, but maybe not of the caliber that generates posts about it.  For example, on the Cleveland, Ohio area board, I posted about Commentator Bill O’Reilly now being on AM1420, WHK.  His return to radio is on many stations nationwide, yet I haven’t seen any posts about him on the forums for other markets.  I think Bill O’Reilly back on the air is an interesting development.  Maybe, for many others, it’s of “so-what” caliber.  Thanks to good-quality replies, I’ve learned more about his show.


    I read part of the O’Reilly thread. Threads like that draw my attention- I like to see how long it takes to get to the “<controversial person> is an idiot” stage, where someone has to inject political hatred into a sane discussion. I am amused when a group of professionals lose their objectivity when looking at programming if they disagree with the content.

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