iHeart's 1430 to talk?

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    Looks like 1430 will have Mark Levin exclusively (9-mid)

    >>Entercom’s WRKO/Boston is making a change in its nighttime programming. Being added is the syndicated Dave Ramsey Show, which will replace the syndicated Mark Levin Show. Ramsey’s financially based talk show is heard on over 550 stations nationwide.
    Entercom Boston VP/Market Manager Phil Zachary said: “After a long day reporting and talking about hard news, Dave’s show invites our listeners into the homes of America’s working class to hear their stories, struggles, and triumphs. It’s radio ‘comfort food’ ideally suited to New England values.”


    I enjoy Dave Ramsey. Don’t listen every day, but it’s an interesting show IMHO.


    Certainly better than the shrill Mark Levin yelling and screaming night after night that Liberals are the cause of every single problem known to man.


    I noticed that one of my radios absolutely cannot get this station at home.

    It’s a old Sharper Image shower radio with digital tuning, and for some reason the (Portugese?) station on 1410 shows up on all stops from 1400-1450.

    My other radios don’t do this.

    I gather you live closer to Hyde Park than to Medford.

    In Somerville and Everett, WZBR 1410 is unlistenable because of IBUZ from 1430 that extends down to 1412.


    The 1430 WKOX HD/IBOC has been off again for the past few days.

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