In Memorium: Guy Giampapa

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    It should be noted the passing at age 91 of Guy Giampapa.

    Guy was the ’film’ director at the old Channel 7 WNAC and later helped put on the original Ch.25 WXNE in Needham as head of Video Production.

    In ” retirement” he hosted for many years a movie review program on Walpole Cable that was bycycled across the country on hundreds of cable access channels. It was co-hosted until his passing by long-time WNAC/WRKO Newsman, Don Latulippe.

    Guy was a local pioneer in the new medium of television and greatly respected and admired by all who knew him and friend to all. Understand he was also an outstanding tennis player.

    May he Rest in Peace. A notice of Guy Giampapa’s passing can be found in today’s Boston Globe- March19.

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