Irish 96.9 HD2 flips to rap/R&B as Power

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    No more Irish Channel on WBQT 96.9 HD2. That is now running some kind of rap/R&B (complete with censored swears)
    “The new Power 96.9 HD2”
    Liners also invite listeners to check out the main signal


    it will be great if Beasley put it on 106.1


    As long as Bloomberg makes them money the biz radio won’t change. I don’t know if any other Beasley station would flip to it (BOS 92.9 classic rock, rap BQT 96.9, sports hub 98.5, country KLB 102.5, classic hits ROR 105.7 are their other FMs. While the limit is 5 they do get a 6th in having 106.1 as 1330’s FM translator.

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    For a 99 watt FM translator, 106.1 covers a big area

    Bloomberg used to be on iHeart’s WXKS 1200 but jumped at the chance to be carried on Beasley’s 1330 and 106.1.In addition they (Bloomberg) own the 1450 and 106.1 in Newburyport and they have a 92.1 up there too.If Bloomberg were on iHeart’s 1200 still, or maybe if iHR put them on an FM here, I could see Beasley putting Power on 1330/106.1 but that isn’t the case so it goes on an HD2 instead.


    They can’t use the Power nickname because WNNW 800/102.9 has it and complained.Now the HD2 of 96.9 is The Vibe.


    I don’t have a HD radio. How can I listen to this station online ?


    I thought maybe TuneIn would have it but maybe not.Don’t know if the Hot 96.9 app would have it.Don’t see a link on Hot 96.9 site right away.

    They don’t make it easy to find these HD only stations online.
    iHeart app has regular 96.9

    (A portable/tabletop HD radio I have, an Insignia from Best Buy, is about $50 but you’d think they’d put these stations online–though some are AM stations like WRKO and WBZ 1030 that are online already)


    Nothing on their facebook page–maybe email or call the station?

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