is bounce gone

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    the readout on xfinity cable lists them as signoff, no programming currently on.


    It’s definitely on the air right now as an over-the-air subchannel in the Boston and Providence markets, although not carried on Xfinity in the Boston area.


    Its back on Xfinity now, was off a few days with the “sign off” scroll..maybe a glitch..


    Bounce moved from 65.4 to 65.2 on the broadcast frequency. The Justice Network has replaced Get TV on 65.3. Get TV appears to be no longer available in the Philly/South Jersey area, which is unfortunate. I didn’t watch it often, but I enjoyed it’s Christmas programming.


    Univision moved Get TV to WMGM on 40.2 when channel 65 moved to share channel 17’s frequency.  It is carried on FiOS.  They carried it as a sub-channel on Channel 65 and still on Channel 40.  They must be sending it up here by fiber from Wildwood.  Bounce which I don’t think has ever been carried by Verizon appears that it may be going on FiOS channel 476.  It appears there with sign off but it says unable to tune to the selected channel.  Please try again.


    40.2 may be too far out of range where I’m at, right near the Walt Whitman bridge. I only have a pair of rabbit ears, and I’m unlikely to pull it in.


    no way, I’m in packer park and I cannot pull in one local signal with an indoor antenna, so 40 would be impossible (

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