Jamie Allman Sues KFTK/St. Louis for Breach of Contract

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    Well this lawsuit comes after Sinclair’s KNDL fired Jaime Allman over a rant and KFTK Radio Followed suit after the Sinclair removal of Allman. This was in relation to a rant over David Hogg. Plus there were boycotts at play when Allman was fired from KNDL-TV and  KFTK those rants.


    Former KFTK-FM/St. Louis morning talk host Jamie Allman is suing former owner Emmis Communications and current owner Entercom Communications for breach of contract. Allman, who had been with the Talk outlet since 2002 was fired last month over comments he made on Twitter criticizing Parkland High shooting survivor David Hogg, who is now a teen anti-gun activist. His post received outrage and some advertisers threatened a boycott.


    For clarity, it was not a “rant” but a Twitter post, not anything on the air.

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