Jim Albright gone from Akron's 640WHLO

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    After almost 10 years as the 9am to noon host on talker WHLO in Akron,  veteran talk personality Jim Albright is no longer with the station.

    Was told Jim & another staffer’s positions were eliminated from the Akron-Canton cluster in a mandated budget cut late last week. So, no more local talk on WHLO.



    Known Jim since his WNIR days.  So no more local talk on WHLO? Then no more local listening from me.


    Yekimi….Same here. I used to work there & met Jim there during his “Dating Show” years.

    I was told yesterday WHLO would now be 100% network/syndicated…no local programming (except play by play sports).

    Partisan politically-dominated radio talk programming has been slowly declining in audience for over a decade. Biggest issue for talk stations is, what one-single topic can those stations go to that has the mass-appeal that political talk once pulled?

    There’s an FM in NJ that does multiple topic talk programming, and that seems to do well for them. But, obviously, other talkers don’t seem to believe that formula would work for them.

    The angle that every problem the USA has is the fault of Democrats/Liberals is a tired, old, lazy radio hosts’ crutch in addition to simply being untrue/inaccurate. There’s enough fault/blame from politicians/elected officials of all parties, and the audience has finally seemed to figure that out.

    What audience that does remain with the political talkers tends to be heavily white men over age 60….not an attractive target for advertisers.



    WHLO isn’t the only iHeart Akron/Canton to change on and off-the-air.

    Scott Davidson has replaced Scott Glaser as program director of WHOF/My 101.7 and W259BW/99.7 Canton’s New Country.  Scott (Davidson) also does mornings on My and weekends on WMJI/Majic 105.7.



    I liked Jim, but he seemed horribly miscast in his role at WHLO. Given the political slant of the station’s syndicated programs, his show, while a nice palate cleanser, seemed little more than a cynical attempt by iHeart to take down WNIR with little regard for his talents or concern for meshing well with the format. I can’t help but think that there were days he would have liked to discuss something other than politics, but his callers generally refused to follow him down that path. What a waste.


    As NJ101.5 has shown with their ratings, one doesn’t have to talk national politics to look good in the book. And bet their demos are a lot better than the “old white guys” political talk gets


    Knowing Jim as I have, I am just guessing, but….I don’t think he’ll miss that format….and the sudden anger & vitriol of the extremes of that audience.



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    That’s too bad.  I liked Jim’s program.  iHeartRadio has ruined WHLO.  The only relevant program they have is Rush, and I can still find him on WKBN and WTAM.  So WHLO has become irrelevant.  It’s a shame that they can’t have local talk on a station that covers such a large population.  I find myself listening to more conservative podcasts, and it’s NOT using the iHeartRadio app.


    Could Rubber City look into buying WHLO from iHeart and turn it into a companion with WAKR?  I think they could do a much better job with 640.


    As usual, when I logged in, the last post in this thread disappeared. Anyways, the question why doesn’t RCRG buy WHLO? Ratings! For the Akron market WAKR numbers are .09 [granted 6+ 12+ numbers but they probably correlate to the numbers that count. Last ratings available [summer this year] show WAKR next to last with .09. Just above them WHLO. Dead last WARF. I haven’t listened to WAKR since they switched to talk. I preferred when they played music. If I had access to the ratings for when they played music, I’m betting they were higher then the current format. There are about 5 trillion other stations [so it seems] in the area that have a talk format. I do like the fact that they have local people but usually they’re talking about sports and since they basically blow off any sport that’s not basketball, football, or baseball, I don’t listen because, with the exception of baseball, I don’t care for the other two and baseball is still way down on my list below other sports I like. The only upside to owning WHLO for them would be to dump off a pro sport that they carry when they have them playing at the same time [like A Browns game and a Cavs game going at same time]….but they can dump them off on their FM stations also. Also if you go by who has the highest ratings per stations owned RCRG comes in with 14.8,  iHeart with 6.7, Media-com 5.5.


    Last time I checked, WHLO had an application for an FM translator on 103.7 transmitting from that concrete tower in Cuyahoga Falls.  And WAKR has one for 93.5 on the WONE west Akron tower.  Neither really need the translators in my opinion.  Both have nighttime coverages that cover the city better than the FM translator can.  But apparently no one knows how to flip the radio to AM anymore.

    The problem with many of these talk stations is that they’ve been transformed to more commercials than talk.  Is anyone keeping track of just how much commercials air in an hour?  It’s absolutely nuts!!  I can listen to a Ben Shapiro 50 minute podcast and get so much more meaningful content.


    Without unique, compelling programming…there’s little reason to listen to radio in 2018…imho. And, there’s very little unique programming on commercial radio today, as sad as it is to say. It’s just background while in your car a few minutes a day.


    I am surprised that Jim Albright lasted as long as he did at WHLO. Dave Ramsey is now airing in the 9am-12pm timeslot, which is the same timeslot that WEOL/930 clears him on … Dave’s content is so evergreen that his show could air at any hour of the day, and that’s usually the case.

    As for WAKR… I mean, it was nice when they had their 50s/60s/70s oldies format, but the demos weren’t any better than with a talk format. (Both formats now skew old, real old, but one format doesn’t have to pay for music royalties.) And when Chuck Collins had to regrettably leave the scene, the writing was on the wall.

    Now, if I were at WAKR, I’d give Jim a call and allow him to do a talk show the way he wants to.

    Recorded in Ultra Stereo, the ultimately superior cousin to Normal Stereo!


    If WAKR gets their 250 watt translator on 93.5, do we suspect they’ll continue the all-talk format, or will they push back to more of an oldies music format?  I would think the oldies and news format would go best with an FM translator.  And they may even label as 93.5 and ditch mentions of 1590.

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