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    He quit both the show and WTAM this morning on-air.



    John is retired & lives in (I believe) Florida. So, why work?



    What were his reasons given. I was only half listening when it all went down.



    He’s in Colorado now.  First, he thanked Mike Snyder.  Then he said that he never really wanted to do The Spew, he doesn’t care about politics, he doesn’t feel qualified to give his opinions on the topics that were being discussed, and he’s never coming back to Cleveland. Then he said  500 elk ate up a bunch of trees in his yard overnight and he needs to go out later to clean it up. Then he hung up.



    Thank you! I heard the part about the cleaning the yard and then silence.



    Jensen Lewis – a former Indians pitcher and current Tribe TV pre/post game host – has been named Lanigan’s replacement on The Spew

    Lewis is actually quite good on his TV gig, and during the last couple of offseasons, has filled in for station stalwarts Triv, Bill Wills, and Mike Snyder on WTAM, and isn’t too bad on the radio.

    Grooming Lewis for bigger things down the road perhaps? (coughTriv’sretirementcough)


    Nathan Obral

    I get why Lanigan was on the show… it required little to no effort on his end, he could remote from either Florida or Colorado, and it allowed iHeart to keep the prestige of having a “franchise” personality under their belt.

    Maybe Jensen will surprise me, but if Lanigan felt he wasn’t qualified to debate this stuff (and he never really was; he was opinionated, to be sure, but not anywhere close to a boilerplate conservatalker) Jensen will find himself in the same dilemma… especially when he makes what will surely be a polarizing statement** and the “stick to sports” gadflies start up lol.

    Besides, it’s both sad and surprising that The Spew is even still on the air after all these years, and years after the original purpose of the show was thrown into total obsolescence (a debate platform for Triv and Bob Frantz). Look, if WTAM wants to be local in the 9am hour, simply extend Bill Wills to 10am. It’s not that hard.

    ** which could be either liberal or conservative… Jensen simply can’t be non-partisan with a show format like that.

    Recorded in Ultra Stereo, the ultimately superior cousin to Normal Stereo!



    For the past 5-10 years, traditional talk stations (not sportstalk) have had the same concerns: an aging, mostly male audience (heavily age 55+), and a small but growing public frustration with 1-sided politics-dominated subject matter.

    The constant beating up of “liberals”/Democrats as the cause of all of America’s problems has worn thin on many.  Illogical, not really true. Fault lies on both sides in the USA. (Would be the same if talk was dominated by Dems/liberals pounding the right/Republicans).

    Slowly but surely, it just sounds like what it is: show-biz BS. Same for both sides. And, bottom line is…folks are tiring of the never ending junk from all politicians….right & left.

    Soooo—what do hundreds and hundreds of talk stations talk about besides politics that will grow a larger, and hopefully younger (even if only somewhat younger) audience? The talk format experts have yet to come up with a formula that works…with few exceptions (25-54M man-lifestyle-talk ala WMMS).

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