Judge Rules Casey Kasem to Go Home With His Wife

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    Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Clifford Klein declared on November 19 that the law makes it clear that Jean Kasem has the authority to dispose of Casey’s body as she wishes, as long as she does not “ignore the matter and do nothing.” Klein denied the request of Casey’s three eldest children who sought an order directing Norwegian officials to return the body so Casey could be buried at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

    Okay, Jean. Now what?


    An “exclusive” story in the National Enquirer says that Jean Kasem may have clogged Casey’s feeding tune, “triggering a potentially fatal 
medical emergency.” The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office is investigating allegations of elder abuse and may file charges against Jean.

    Private investigator Logan Clarke Clarke told the Enquirer, “We have statements – and so do the police – from nurses about Jean and the way she allegedly treated her husband. When Jean took Casey out [of the California nursing home], she was told, ‘You cannot disconnect him from his feeding tube – if you do, he will die!’ The tube was surgically implanted in his stomach, so she took the feeding machine. They let her take it because it was the only thing that would keep Casey alive!” Jean ran out of the proper food so she bought some Ensure (a nutrition drink) and poured it into the machine. Clarke said, “It broke the machine and then Casey’s colostomy bag apparently began filling up with blood!”

    I can’t be 100% certain but I’m thinkin’ that elder abuse charges will be filed against Jean. And where the heck is she? Why is she not responding to all these charges and accusations? Is she in hiding?


    I wrote “feeding tune.” That should be “feeding tube.” Who the heck decided to put “b” next to “n” on the keyboard? That resulted in me making a nig mistake!


    The “family feud” continues. On November 25, Casey Kasem’s brother and three of Casey’s children from a previous marriage filed a civil lawsuiit against Jean Kasem, accusing her of neglecting his medical needs and hastening his death. Casey often went without necessary hospitalization, intravenous medicine and adequate nutrition and the lawsuit says that his death was caused by four infections which resulted from Jean’s “grossly harmful mistreatment.” The family is asking for $250,000 in damages (the maximum allowed by law) for elder abuse and additional unspecified damages for wrongful death and infliction of emotional distress.


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