K-Love app for WKIV, also WBRU?

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    So today an application by EMF to improve WKIV Westerly hit the CDBS.  I find this exceedingly curious.  EMF has been content, for several years, to allow WKIV to sputter along on a significantly less-than-ideal tower site and pre-DTV migration v-pol one-bay antenna.  Now suddenly their app says they’re putting it on a taller tower with equal ERP (thus doubling coverage) and c-pol (thus doubling power density).

    I find it highly meaningful this app was filed right before the fall semester begins at Brown University, and when speculation is rampant that K-Love (EMF) is going to be the “winner” of the “Buy WBRU” sweepstakes.   The improved WKIV will fill in the hole in the Pawcatuck River Valley (e.g. Westerly) that 95.5 doesn’t reach very well now…and nor will it from its nearly-complete Peck Hill tower CP buildout (I was there this week, it’s pretty much ready to go).

    So I’ll put my chips down: I’m betting EMF is buying WBRU, and the LMA starts September 1st.  Any takers?


    Lance just pointed out that it’s official:  Brown Broadcasting Service requested new call letters “WLVO”.  Guess who owns them now?  EMF.  Do a call sign “query” for “WLVO” and you’ll see:   http://licensing.fcc.gov/prod/callsign/main.html

    Good catch Lance!


    Well, I’ll be a (metaphorical) monkey’s (equally metaphorical) uncle; I thought that it wouldn’t be EMF here.

    (Edited to add that the main site’s post about the earlier chatter [at https://radioinsight.com/headlines/119017/wbru-confirms-imminent-sale] has been updated to reflect the new developments; this may also affect Brown’s new LPFM.)


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