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    Followup-To: http://radioinsight.com/community/topic/love-never-felt-so-good-michael-jackson-justin-timberlake/#post-108897

    So recently I was employed at a business that runs KKCW over its loudspeaker system. (Bogen TPU15A amp and Rauland speakers, in case MuzakFan sees this post.) Enough time has passed since I last really paid attention to the station that I hardly recognise it now. Remember back when KKCW actually played decent soft-rock music blocks with at least some variety? Now it's the same 150 teen-pop cuts (padded by four minutes of commercials every three or four cuts) day in and out. Like it wants to be a parody of Radio Bloody Di$ney or some crap like that.

    After six and a half hours, four days per week of listening to this stale, repetitive, overplayed trash, something as insipid as, say, state-produced agitprop from the Democratic People's Republic of Portland (i.e. KOPB) never sounded so beautiful...

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    Welcome to the way radio is programmed now.

    Look up David Eduardo’s posts; he has explained in numerous threads how, with most listeners doing a “hit and run” for a few minutes at a time rather than sustained long-term listening, tighter playlists get better ratings.

    Yeah, I know it sucks for captive audiences such as your recent employment, but that’s not what normal listening is for 99.9% of the audience.

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    Revisiting this thread, I'm glad that as of last June I'm working at a place that plays Expressions via Muzak. The hours are just as crap as the last place and the boss is another thick-headed narcissist prick, but at least I can revel in my misery whilst making $15/hour starting wage listening to a library that is generally tolerable. I mean, in years long past I've even made my own clone of Expressions, for god's sake. (Contrast to the barely above minimum wage for maybe 20 hours a week at the other place as the Sounds of Hell played above me.)

    Next stop: Costco or bust!

    CBers fight inequality, and for peoples' rights-
    CBers fight class prejudice - - an hamster just fights.



    I’m surprised I never saw this thread. I thought it was current and was going to say, “Aw shucks, another 20 share!” It was close last Christmas and with the local Christian Contemporary running scared of K-Love, it’ll probably happen.



    Wow, I bet it’s all around the country, Repetition, bad music, including so called holiday tunes, on corporate radio, too many ads. One country station played a terrible Christmas song, I don’t who sings it, it was going, “IS THAT YOU, SANTA?!!!”


    Now that I Fart Radio is allegedly on its death bed, maybe KKCW will turn itself around and become an halfway tasteful and listenable station again.

    Yeah, right. Like how my dad plans to get help for his alcohol problem.

    CBers fight inequality, and for peoples' rights-
    CBers fight class prejudice - - an hamster just fights.

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