KSWO-TV Mandy Bailey fired due to an incident viewed as racist

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    In the report Hangman was played but viewers saw the portion as racist.


    KSWO News, a broadcast TV station out of Lawton, announced the firing of meteorologist Mandy Bailey Monday after receiving complaints that the brain teaser she showed on air was inappropriate and racially insensitive.

    The brain teaser read “THERE” with a noose hanging between the “T” and the “H,” to represent “hang in there.”

    “On Monday morning, one of our employees at KSWO-TV displayed an image that was offensive and unacceptable,” reads a statement from KSWO Management on Facebook. “At KSWO, we do not tolerate behavior of any kind that depicts hatred, social injustice, racism or anti-Semitism. The employee responsible was terminated immediately. On behalf of all of the employees at KSWO, we offer you our sincere, heart-felt apology with a promise that we will continue to work tirelessly to earn your trust every day.”

    Since the firing, KSWO has received thousands of messages and social media comments, some of which express anger about Bailey’s actions and others which are asking to “Bring Mandy back.”

    Bailey’s staff page has been removed from KSWO’s website. Her professional Facebook page and any mention of her former employer on her personal social media bios also has been removed.


    That is freaking ridiculous.


    People have taken leave of their senses. Social media is out of control.

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