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    Per his facebook page. Another iHeart causality.  Noticed both WESC and WSSL both had down periods even through the former suffered more. I am guessing iHeart will continue to sabotage ESC (just like they almost did to KVET a couple of years ago until KASE’s morning show at the time and Bob Pickett at the time jumped to KVET and gave them a lifeboat) so they have an excuse to flip it. It’s obvious over the last couple years that iHeart would rather prefer WSSL as it fits the iHeart national plan, like cutting Johnboy Crenshaw, Roger Davis, the weekend staff and now John. I guess Charlie Munson will be next or even Ellis and Bradley on WSSL. Sad day. For years I’ve thought WESC was one the best country stations I’ve heard musicially and soon it will go the way of WFMX and WCMS. Was only a matter of time.


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