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    Hi everyone! I lived in Lafayette in the early 2000’s and discovered the America’s Best Music format on one of the local stations. Their jingle was “Great songs and great memories”…and then the call letters of the station. Does anyone know the call letters of the local affiliate? I think it was something like KSIG but searching on Google doesn’t help as the history of that station’s formats only goes back 6 years which is after I moved away. Thanks in advance!


    Perhaps you were listening to KSIG 1450 from Crowley? I lived near Lafayette as a kid for a few years, and recall the calls but not much more- this was 1965 to 1967…


    Mystery solved! Yes it was 1450 KSIG.

    I just happened to see that KSIG is now a Soft AC station. Downloaded the app and have been listening for a few weeks. On a whim went back to Wikipedia and by following sister station links finally got confirmation KSIG was Lafayette’s ABM affiliate.





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