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    Hello! I’m working on filling some holes in radio histories with a few frequencies. I’ve tried to look in various trade magazines and old Courier-Journal articles, but keep coming up empty (Wikipedia isn’t much help either). If anyone can help me out, that would be terrific. The frequencies I need help researching on are:
    900, 1080, 93.1 (pre-The Beat), 94.7, 98.9, 101.7, 105.1, 105.9 and 107.7.

    Thank you!



    I did sign up for a free one week trial from Newspapers (and probably plan on going for a full month). I do use ARH when I can, but even they can be sometimes scarce on info.



    I certainly don’t envy you the task at hand. The key with ARH is searching those Broadcast Yearbooks. You’ll get way too many returns but patience in reading through them all can result in some good information. I would think that what you get from the C-J archives (at least prior to the sale to Gannett) will be tempered by the fact that the Binghams also owned the WHAS stations. Then add in things like Docket 80-90, move-ins and frequency changes. I’m a little surprised you can’t find a abundance of background about 900 and 1080.

    I did find some on 1080, but there are a couple of holes (particularly when they dropped standards for talk). Still can’t find much on 900 yet. I’ll keep digging!



    There is an excellent resource on Louisville radio history:


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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