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    Nielsen’s summer book for Madison is out. I can only see the 12+ numbers on Radio-Online (, but some things jump out:

    Huge book for WOLX; Z104 and WOLX had been neck-and-neck for the last couple years, but WOLX really pulled away this book.

    Also a good book for Star Country, though we can’t see what Q106 is doing since Midwest dropped Nielsen a while back.

    It would also have been interesting to see the Resistance’s numbers, as Triple M (which claims to be an ‘alternative’ station, hah) was back to earth after a big spring book. I have really enjoyed listening to the music selection on the Resistance, but their signal coverage in Madison really is poor.

    Anyway, other bummer about Midwest not subscribing to Nielsen again is we can’t see how many books in a row WOZN has Blutarsky’d.

    Speaking of awful numbers … look at Rewind 92.1! Not too surprising if you’ve heard the station. Most of the shows have no personality, lots of commercials. And the one show that did have a ton of personality, I was not a fan of. Sue Peterson talked forrrreeeevvvvvveeeeeerrrrrrrrr with rambling stories. Looks like she’s no longer on WXXM? I think it’s actually sounded a little better lately – Also, seems like every weekend I tune in lately, it’s 80s music, which works for me.  So maybe they can crawl out of the hole they’re in.

    Mix 105.1’s 12+ rating doesn’t look great; hopefully they’re doing better in their demo. They’ve sounded pretty good lately, IMHO.

    Nice to see WIBA-AM’s numbers way down. I’m sure they’re still killing it in the angry old men demo, but 12+, I’d guess this has to be one of their worst books in many years.

    I’m wondering how much longer iHeart will let WXXM circle the drain before they flip it to alternative. I kinda hope that doesn’t happen — iHeart’s last couple attempts at alternative in Madison were terrible, and probably would be again if it’s the same folks running it this time. But even if iHeart’s version sucked, it might end up killing off WRIS, which, as I mentioned, I’ve enjoyed listening to.

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