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    Apparently Disney/MTN never heard you on WCKM, Chip 🙂



    In addition to all of this, they added Mets baseball to the station since April 29th. That’s right! “Magic” is now the new home of the Amazing Mets.

    I’ve listened to Mets on “Magic” since the “Subway Series” where my favorite team, the Yankees are played about two weeks ago. I have airchecks of a three-game “Subway Series” that I’ve posted.

    In addition, WBWZ’s “Z93” as a rock station also carries the Mets as well. Now you have two stations to hear the Mets to hear the difference.

    But all I can say is kudos to WROW for bringing the Mets to the station, and as I said, not a Met fan, I’m a Yankee fan for life.

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