Maine Call letter changes

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    Anyone remember the SUPER 15 WPNO am 1530 which is now silent, in Auburn.
    It was a Top 40 station in the late 60’s early 70’s.
    AM 1450 WOXO in South Paris just picked up the call letters WPNO..
    92.7 WEZR-FM Norway ME  will be  WOXO-FM
    100.7 WOXO-FM Mexico ME will be WEZR-FM


    When I worked at the former Album Rock station Z-101 in Portland… WYNZ…I recall that one of the jocks there had worked at the original WPNO-1530. Later on…When I worked at WBLM which was in Lewiston at 107.5 in those days…The PD there had previously worked on the original WPNO…During the years that I worked in Maine at those stations…(1980-1984)…1530 in Auburn was Country station WRXV. It flipped to Oldies in 1984 shortly before I moved on. Also…92.7 in Norway was WOXO back in those days. It was Country… during that era…

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