Michael Medved being dropped?

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    Michael Medved, who is on many Salem Communications stations, has been telling listeners that for most listeners, if you want to hear his show, you’re going to have to sign up for streaming beginning January 1, 2019.  On the same company’s “Hugh Hewitt Morning Drive Show”, I heard Hugh interviewing Sebastian Gorka, who, I presume, will be taking over the afternoon drive slot currently covered by “The Michael Medved Show”.

    I wonder what happened?


    Salem made the official announcement over a month ago–and there had been reported rumors before that (although, at that point, there were rumblings that a different Salem host would be replaced).  Also, since the announcement, Salem has been making a big promotional push.

    Salem To Launch Sebastian Gorka Into Syndication Replacing Michael Medved



    Thank you Mr. Magnuson for the information.

    I don’t like this at all.  Michael Medved’s show provides a powerful follow-up to the always excellent Dennis Prager show.  Medved never shies away from callers who disagree with him.  His regular “Disagreement Days” is proof of that.  Then, his entertaining conspiracy days shows done when the moon is full is always a hoot.

    Sorry, but I am not enthralled with Dr. Gorka.  I’ve heard him a number of times, and while he’s a very learned person, he bores me.  For me, he is just not compelling.  It will be interesting to hear what special segments he brings to the show.  Gorka reminds me of the respectable, but dull, Bill Bennett, who hosted “Bill Bennett’s Morning In America” for a number of years.  He quit the show, as I remember it, and Hugh Hewitt took over.  Not initially a fan of Hewitt, he’s grown on me as he brings needed energy to the morning drive shift.


    Medved is still doing his radio show, but will solely originate from his longtime flagship KTTH.

    Gorka fits the mold of hardened immovable ultra-conservative ideologues that Salem apparently wants for their talk host roster. That’s fine with using it to sell the agenda of the owners, but it won’t draw any ratings.

    Recorded in Ultra Stereo, the ultimately superior cousin to Normal Stereo!


    In Tampa Dr. Gorka is on WGUL 860/93.7 from 9 PM till Midnight.  I listened once, he sounded absolutely creepy IMO.

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