Mid-Hudson Valley Gains, Looses A Station

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    The Mid-Hudson Valley gained a station 102.5 WHVC, Rhinebeck while losing 88.1 WJZZ, Monroe as well as string of translators including W292CM 106.3 Poughkeepsie.
    It has been a long and winding road for 102.5 Rhinebeck. The FCC originally granted a construction permit to four separate religious entities that could not even agree on a transmitter site, and expected them to work out a time share agreement. That never happened and years went by. Finally Christian Media Associates Inc. was the last one standing. WHVC signed on 102.5 last week just over a month before the construction permit expired.

    They are using Redeemer Radio Christian Programing. I suppose some people might listen.
    The program is a duplicate of WFSO, Olive Bridge (88.3), as well as a translator on 105.3 W287BG also in Rhinebeck.
    As Scott Fybush reported in this week’s newsletter there is a lot of overlap between the two stations, so something might change, even more so the needless duplication of a translator in the same town as WHVC . Perhaps 102.5 may not reach some southern/western areas WFSO does.
    Meanwhile Bud Williamson President of Hudson Valley Public radio announced he is pulling the plug on 88.1 WJZZ, Monroe as well as three translators, including 106.3, Poughkeepsie. He told the jazz fans on the station’s web site that although the listener response was huge, they were unable to attract sufficient funding, and he and his wife could no longer afford to support the station.
    He also said they chose Jazz because they wanted to do something different than other public stations. There was no mention of future plans for 88.1, so perhaps he will just let it go dark permanently. I seem to remember a religious broadcaster on 88.1, Monroe that was on the air only a few months before going dark due to financial difficulties.
    Mr. Williamson further said that “a number of frequencies not owned by Hudson Valley Public Radio will be going to other programing including 106.5 Newburgh and 106.1 moving to Monroe will switch to WALL. As of this afternoon both are transmitting only a carrier.
    No plans for 106.3 Poughkeepsie, now silent were announced. Perhaps this is an opportunity for I-Heart to move WKIP’s translator off useless 98.5. and give up their construction permit for 99.7 which Bridgelight Broadcasting has objected to because WJUX also 99.7 South Fallsburg feeds its translator W295BK 106.9 Poughkeepsie via 99.7.


    Thanks for the info. 106.3 has been silent since a week or two ago, but I hope iHeart needs to get off of WKIP’s translator at 98.5, because it doesn’t belong there. Why not move it over to 106.3 to get a better coverage. 98.5 is blocked by WCTW’s “The Cat” up in Catskill, but I hope WCTW will get a decent coverage when it reaches Poughkeepsie. All I have to say is WKIP at 98.5 sucks. I hate translators, but this is not good place to be in Poughkeepsie. 106.3 would be an excellent move for iHeart to move WKIP’s translator from 98.5 to 106.3. So good luck!

    I hope 105.3 will put WALL on there in Rhinebeck to get more listeners, because 102.5 is now running WFSO a religious station. That way too many religious stations. Why not get rid of them and put WALL on 105.3, or get off the translator and leave WGNY at 105.3. I hope this would be a good decision.


    I would love to see Pamal Broadcasting bring the 107. 1 The Peak to Poughkeepsie. They could use 106.3.

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