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    Do you think that station has seen better days? It was actually better when Clear Channel owned it.

    It just sounds a lot more canned than before. No personality and very generic.



    Canned, yes. When I worked in Fremont, I listened to this station a lot and, I like it better than the Hot ACs surrounding Cleveland. Good thing I actually get it in most of the Cleveland area.


    Nathan Obral

    It’s a crapshoot. Had CC kept the station, it would have become another generic Premium Choice Hot AC outlet.

    I do wish that WCPZ would go local again in afternoon drive, like WKFM/96.1 has been for several years (WLKR-FM, even with WW1’s “Rock 2.0” AAA service, has local talent on all dayparts). But BAS has been adding local airshifts to almost all of their stations; only The Wolf remains totally canned.

    Given that they revived the “Super Q” branding on WQIO/93.7 Mount Vernon, I hold out hope that WCPZ can ditch the “Mix” brand in favor of “102.7 WCPZ: The Hot Point on the North Coast.”

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    I recently heard the station as I passed through with my boyfriend, on our way to eastern Ohio. Talk about a boring station! They image the station as a Soft AC, yet play some Hot AC and Adult CHR songs. Its just as bad as G101.3 (Generation G is their slogan) in Richmond, IN. The music is not at all pitched, making it drag too. No forward momentum either, music, spots or imaging. No energy to Mix 102.7. Makes me want to go “sleepy byes,” as they would say overseas. I could easily image that station blindfolded and tied up. I know imaging! 3 stations that went number 1, under my belt. If they paid me to image it, I would. Cedar Point needs a hot sound. Not a sleepy station.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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