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    This is not news ,but has been bugging me for months. 1450 WKIP, Poughkeepsie has been IDing themselves for some time now as News Radio 1450 WKIP. They have Fox National news briefs, and even shorter local news at the top and bottom of each hour. The top of the hour last total of 4 minutes combined , bottom is shorter about 3 minutes, with local being longer. This is not news radio.Local news is often pre-recorded.
    The rest of the time they are conservative talk, which is fine, but if that is their programing choice, why not own it. They should promote what they do like they used to, Talk Radio 1450, instead of claiming to be something they are clearly not.


    I heard that too-  you would think there were certain news elements required in order to call yourself news radio.  There certainly are enough news sources and news events in the Hudson Valley to do a little bit better of a job.


    There “news room consists of one or two people. Cameron Hendricks , perhaps one part time fill in when he is off. Much of the fillin like when he is on vacation comes from the Albany NY cluster. Yes I hear the difference. The local news is much broader , not Mid Hudson Valley specific.


    Too many people take things too literally. iHeartMedia uses News Radio as a brand name for many of its News/Talk stations. That’s true in small cities like Poughkeepsie and Albany. Especially true in much bigger cities like Houston and San Diego.

    The rest of the time they are conservative talk, which is fine, but if that is their programing choice, why not own it.

    The Mid-Hudson Valley is a purple region within a blue state. Would you want WKIP to be a lightning rod for death threats?


    And what about 98.5? Are they still carrying WKIP’s translator? This is a waste of time, but it needs to go. This frequency is overlapping WCTW’s “The Cat” in Catskill at 98.5 which is the same frequency, and it doesn’t reach Poughkeepsie when it is covering up WKIP’s translator at the same 98.5. Time to dump 98.5 in the garbage and move to 106.3 which has a better signal for a translator in Poughkeepsie since the translator for 106.3 has been off the air for a couple of months since it was a jazz station. Why not move to 106.3 from 98.5 which is a great idea.

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