News Talk Station Heard In Chattanooga

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    Evidently, a new News Talk station is being heard in Chattanooga.
    They call themselves Nooga Radio 92.7 FM (W224AZ) and 95.3 FM – HD4 (WPLZ-FM).

    The station airs a mix of programming ranging from America’s Morning News, The David Tulis Show (local), a full hour of local news from Noon to 1pm, Bloomberg Radio (from 1-3pm), Sean Hannity (3-6pm), and then local sports coverage with two local hosts (from 6-8pm)

    They really sound good. Especially, with the continuous local news coverage throughout the day.

    This station will give WGOW some stiff competition.

    However, I don’t get why Rush Limbaugh is relegated to the AM 1150 side of the WGOW broadcast. Why wouldn’t they air him on the FM at 102.3FM. Seems like a waste of space.


    More news/talk competition for the ill-fated WFLI.

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