Newt Gingrich Launches New Original Podcast on Westwood One

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    The Show will start on February 17th


    Westwood One and former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Newt Gingrich have partnered to create “Newt’s World,” a weekly, original podcast. Launching on Sunday, February 17, this show will offer stories, conversations and context on a different topic each week, from history to health, national security to science, and more. It will be promoted across the entire Westwood One platform and Newt’s following of influencers and fans.

    “Newt’s World” isn’t a podcast about politics, it’s a show that explores the past, present and future to help listeners contextualize current events and discoveries across all aspects of our society. The inaugural episode of “Newt’s World” features the father of our country, the man who led the first Americans to freedom, George Washington.

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